Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) World is dealing with Coronavirus and we heard a shocking news A case of hantavirus is reported in China It is called Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) One death is reported and Approx. 30 to 32 cases are declared positive It is shocking news According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this virus was initially reported in 1993 in American states Arizona, New Mexico and Colorodo. In which 1 physically fit man rushes in the Hospital of New Maxico and died after some time. Signs and Symptoms Early signs and symptoms includes, Fever, dry cough body aches diarrhea abdominal pain Late signs and symptoms shortness of breath lungs filled with fluid and bleeding heart failure etc with these signs and symptoms sometimes cause Shock and vital organs may stop working and this situation leads to death Treatment According to CDC There is no specific treatment, cure or vaccine for hantavirus However an early detection can do better It means we must follow preventive and precautionary measures Preventive and precautionary measures This virus spreads with rodents droppings No.1 Seal up holes and gaps in your home or garage No.2 Stay away form places where rodents leave droppings No.3 Wear rubber gloves and a mask and cover your nose an face during exposure to mouse droppings No.4 Use disinfectant to sanitize areas containing mouse droppings, so infected dust does not spread in the air No.5 Use Rat trappers in your homes and offices to catch rodents to avoid this virus So, number of measures are same matching with coronavirus preventive measures and I hope you will consider, additional preventive measures to avoid this virus too I pray for you and your family Stay blessed, good luck and Allah Hafiz

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